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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs an Estate Sale?
Anyone who is downsizing, relocating, moving, or liquidating a loved ones household. Antiques and collectibles are not necessary. Everyday household items make for a great sale. Don't throw anything out! You'd be surprised at what will sell.

What Should You Do First?
First, give us a call!
We will meet with you to determine your needs and answer all your questions.
Call Hazel at 925-548-9718

How can Senior Sorters Help?
We offer experience in liquidating the contents of estates including antiques & collectibles, contemporary & used furniture, clothing, artwork, jewelry, toys, tools, appliances, garden equipment and more. Katherine is a Graduate Gemologist and can fully appraise both your costume and fine jewelry. Only an experienced and qualified Graduate Gemologist can properly assess and value your jewelry collections. Katherine is also an Antique & Collectibles Appraiser.
As a company we have sold, boats, tractors, antiques, collectibles, coins, jewelry collections, ephemera, books, sports memorabilia and tools.  We treat all the items in your estate with dignity and respect.

Katherine Fogelman is USPAP Compliant.
USPAP is a national Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.
Katherine is a graduate of the Ashford Institute of Antiques and can fully appraise the contents of your estate. Many estate liquidation companies claim to do appraisals but have no professional qualifications.  They can only appraise based on their experience. Our advice...only hire professionals whose qualifications you can check and verify.

Testimonials & References
We pride ourselves on having a 100% client satisfaction rating. As a company we go out of our way to make sure our clients are completely comfortable with our scope of service and that we meet all client expectations. We do not list testimonials on our website because, quite frankly, they can be made up. Instead, we can provide you with former clients to call directly. Our advice...always check a company's client references by making that call. Speak to a current client and ask them about the job we did.

What to expect from us.
We provide all of the resources needed to sort, organize, display, research, price, advertise, and sell the contents of an estate.
Preparation for the sale typically takes us between 7 & 10 days. We bring in tables, displays, and merchandising material to show items in the best possible way. We work with you to provide an enjoyable, secure and profitable sale.
Our attention to detail is exceptional! 

At Senior Sorters we never allow our buyers to go through unsorted drawers or boxes. Every box, closet or drawer in the estate we handle are emptied and examined by us. Just recently we found in an old dirty garage box an original drivers license belonging to John Steinbeck. After careful research we successfully sold the license for over $800! We go the distance and do the work!

Do we sell everything?
Based on our past sales and performance we consistently sell around 90% of all featured items. Depending on the wishes of the family we can arrange for donation of any remaining items. We work with a number of local charities.

When is a good time to have an estate sale?
Simple answer - anytime! We have a large listing of dealers and preferred customers who look for our sales. We also advertise through nation wide estate sale listing websites, in local newspaper inserts, our company website and with an email announcement to our newsletter subscribers ( over 2,500 as of April 2015) and we use large well placed signs to attract drive by customers.
Our signature color is yellow and our staff is known as the, 'Yellow Team'. Customers know to look for our yellow signs advertising a sale.

How Do We Price Your Estate?
With over 26 years of experience, Senior Sorters & Estate Liquidators have comprehensive knowledge of all items generally found in your estate.

We take a commission based on total sales.  The commission amount will depend on the scope of the work and if clean outs are required. We always offer a confidential free consultation and are happy to come and meet with you at your convenience.

Let Us Help You!
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